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The Seattle Meat Collective is your connection to Washington’s farmers, butchers, chefs and meat educators, all of whom are committed to sharing their knowledge of how to source, butcher, and preserve local meat. The SMC partners only with farmers who raise their animals humanely and bring them to market at a cost that’s sustainable for both the farmer and the consumer. Our butchers and chef instructors will show you what quality meat should look like, how to butcher it, and the various ways it can be cooked and preserved. By teaching these artisan butchery and curing techniques, we will ensure that our community can cook, eat, and act in ways that will support and preserve our farms and our food for generations to come.

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The Seattle Meat Collective events are held at + sold through the Pantry. Purchase seats, sign-up for waitlists, and browse the multitude of workshops and dinners from upcoming schedules, or just seek out the events listed below. We'll be happy to have you.

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we work with a lot of great people and farms
and want you to know about them, too. We'll be adding more sustainable, thoughtful, inspired links below as we have them, but encourage you to start looking around now.